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Scanning Guidelines and Best Practices (v6)

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Scanning Guidelines and Best Practices FlexNet Code Insight v6 Overview There are many variables that can affect the success of running a source code scan in FlexNet Code Insight v6, some examples include: hardware and software limitations, the size...
by Flexera jrubin1 Flexera

FlexNet Code Insight Air-Gapped and Offline Deployment

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FlexNet Code Insight in a Disconnected (Air-Gapped) Environment FlexNet Code Insight does not explicitly rely on inbound or outbound internet access, making it suitable for deployment in a disconnected or air-gapped environment without a major loss i...
by Flexera jrubin1 Flexera

SSO is not working after upgrade (applies to both v6 and v7)

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If after upgrading from one version of FNCI to another version, your SSO Single Sign-On appears to be failing with an HTTP Status 500 - Internal Server Error, confirm the following: 1) Confirm that the following files have been copied over from your...
by Flexera jrubin1 Flexera

Setting up TFS with HTTPS in FlexNet Code Insight

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SummaryThis article discusses how to configure TFS for use with HTTPS in FlexNet Code InsightSynopsisSteps to resolve the issue TFS HTTPS(sun.security.validator.ValidatorException: PKIX path building failed: sun.security.provider.certpath.SunCertPath...
by Flexera jwilliams Flexera

End of Support for the Secunia Community Site

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SummaryThis article documents the accessibility of Secunia research through FlexNet Code Insight following the closure of the Secunia Community site in February 2019SynopsisThe Secunia Community site will become inaccessible at the end of February. A...
by Flexera jwilliams Flexera

Performing a FlexNet Code Insight Manual Update

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SummaryIf your environment does not allow for automated updated, this article provides instructions for performing a manual update .SynopsisThe FlexNet Code Insight Electronic Update service relies on outbound access on port 22. Some FlexNet Code Ins...
by Community Manager acurry Community Manager

FlexNet Code Insight Group Builder Script - Add-On

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SummaryA python project to gather component/license information from various package managers (e.g., npm, rubygems, rpms, etc.) and parse into groups that are importable via the import workspace XML data script.SynopsisA python project to gather comp...
by Community Manager acurry Community Manager

FlexNet Code Insight (Palamida) 6.11.3 Upgrade Guide

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SummaryThis article provides the requirements and instructions to upgrade FlexNet Code Insight (Palamida) to 6.10.3.SynopsisThis guide is for upgrading the FlexNet Code Insight (Palamida) application. For Compliance Library upgrades, Compliance Library Upgrade Guide...
by Community Manager acurry Community Manager

Validate CL Signatures Script

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SummaryThis script will validate the MD5 checksums of the Compliance Library files.SynopsisThis script will validate the MD5 checksums of the Compliance Library files.DiscussionCompliance Library Upgrade Guide for instructions on installing a new Com...
by Community Manager acurry Community Manager

OS freezes during scan execution

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SummaryThis article provides steps to investigate an issue where the OS freezes during scanningSymptomsThe following problems occurred at customer 's environment.OS freezes during scan execution.ResolutionCustomer confirmed the issue no longer appear...
by Flexera jwilliams Flexera

Configuring Claimed Copyrights

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SummaryThis articles discusses how to configure claimed copyrights.SynopsisClaimed copyright settings can be used to have Palamida designate a selection of copyrights to be ignored when the software scans for third-party indicators. Only "unparseable...
by Community Manager acurry Community Manager