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Bug Report - 'Download Remote File' button leads to 500 HTTP

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For Air-Gapped deployments, there appears to be a bug when using the source code matching within the analysis workbench. You can replicate the issue by enabling the source code matching for a given file then select the 'Download Remote File' button. ...
by harry_onslow Flexera beginner

New Case submission

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How do i get access to submit new cases ? I don't see any option for me under "Get Support " RegardsKalpana Anuga
by kalpanaanuga Flexera beginner

can't find jenkins plugin for FNCI FlexNet Code Insight Scan

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Hi All,where is the downloads ? the main page after login doesn't have it.I am trying to follow the instructions from community site (after login)https://community.flexera.com/t5/Flexera-Software-Community/ct-p/Flexera_Software_Communitycan you pleas...
by adir_a Flexera beginner

Case Section

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Hi All, How to access Case(s) page in the new Flexera UI. When i read about this people say it should be there under Get Support menu but i don't see it for me. Can you please guide me how to access the case(s) page in new Flexera UI. Thanks,G Hari...
by tarun_kumar_si Flexera beginner

Code Insight Jenkins config

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Hi, I am new to FlexNet Code Insight (FNCI). I have the server url and access tokens. I also installed the Jenkins plugin for FNCI. I need some reference guide to set other required properties and to run the security scan. Is there any material or re...
by sgovin37 Pilgrim