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Events and Webinars

February SAM Best Practices Webinar: Subtleties of allocations and exemptions for optimized consumption (February 2nd, 10:00 AM US Central)

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The next highest voted topic in the ITAM topics Survey is the use of allocation and exemptions for optimal license consumption. Join us on Thursday February 2nd 10:00 AM US Central time for this one hour recorded session that will cover in details th...
by Level 9 Flexeran nrousseau1 Level 9 Flexeran

Recording and Presentation of the February Monthly SAM Best Practices Webinar (Java and Windows Server Optimization report) are available!

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The recording of the "Embedded Java Automated Exemption and Windows Server Optimization report" is available here: Erratum: Java 17 is always Free (JDK and JRE). Here are are the main sections: 00'00'': Ki...
by Level 9 Flexeran nrousseau1 Level 9 Flexeran

February SAM Best Practices Webinar. Management of Java compliance with FlexNet Manager Cloud 2021R1.4

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Flexera has invested a lot in addressing a better way the Java nightmare and helping their customer in this painful journey: Better recognition in ARL (commercial versions being identified down to the build number) in April 2021 Ability to collect o...
by Level 9 Flexeran nrousseau1 Level 9 Flexeran