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By Level 10 Champion
Level 10 Champion

The recording of the "SAM Publisher Hub, Intelligent Allocations & Exemptions" September SAM Best Practice Webinar is available here:

Here are the main sections:

  • 00:00 SAM Best Practices Webinars 24 previous sessions' links. Agenda
  • 03:27 Pointers for the last session ("Management Of Streamed Applications") material and answers to questions
  • 08:12 News:
  • 15:48: The SAM Publisher Hub
    • 15:48 Why the SAM Publisher Hub?
    • 18:58 The SAM Publisher Screen and vendor to publisher normalization (demo)
    • 26:56  The SAM Publisher Hub (Demo)
  • 40:30 Intelligent Allocations & Exemptions
    • 40:30 Reminder: the intelligent restriction (Demo)
    • 45:39 The Intelligent allocations & Exemptions: reminder on allocations and exemption, demo of the new feature, demo of the new user AD Groups reporting object useful for Named User licenses
  • 58:44 Wrap up

The PowerPoint used during the presentation is attached to this post.

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Level 6

The Intelligent Allocations & Exemptions along with the AD object is awesome! Thank you. Any plans to expand the AD Object relationships to the device level? For ex. to be able to show (Windows..) Computer Managment>System Tools>Local Users and Groups>Groups>Administrators