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1. Please navigate to the the 'Retrieved Update Sets' section.

Retrieved Update Sets (For KB).PNG


2. Please scroll all the way to the bottom of the page, until you find 'Related Links'. Underneath this, you will see "Import Update Set from XML". Please click this.

Import Update Set from XML (For KB).PNG


3. From here, you will find yourself in the 'Import XML' page. Please click "Choose File", and then select the Update Set (XML file) that you would like to upload. Afterwards, please click "Upload".

Import XML page (For KB).PNG

4. Once you have successfully completed the upload, please find the Update Set that you uploaded, and click on it. (*Tip: If you sort "Loaded" by latest to earliest, you should be able to see your Update Set at the top of the list.)

Sort by Loaded (For KB).PNG


5. You should now be on the page of your Update Set, and from here, please click "Preview Update Set" (located in the top right corner). Then, one of things may happen. You could possibly receive some errors. If you do receive some, please reach out to the Support team, and we will assist you. If you do not receive any errors, and it completes successfully, you can move on to the next step.


6. Once the preview step completes successfully, you should be able to see the button change to "Commit Update Set". Please click this, and allow this to complete.

Complete Update Set (For KB).png


 7. Once all of this is done, you can go back to the 'Retrieved Update Sets' page, and you will see that the Update Set's state has changed to "Committed".

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