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This article discusses Technopedia's official definition to the 'SW Is_Licensable' field



Note: The 'Is_Licensable' field may be presented differently between our products such as:
For Analyze: SW Is Licensable?

(Analyze Cubes - Normalize: IT Assets,  Normalize: IT Security,  Technopedia: Software,  Technopedia: Software Procurement,  Technopedia: Software Security,  Technopedia: Software Virtualization Compatibility,  Technopedia: Software Windows Readiness)

For Publish: Licensable* and CAT_Licensable**



PLICENSABLE is the licensable value that is captured on Product level, derived from licensable values from all releases under that Product.


0: Generally Unlicensable indicates that all  releases that are captured under the product has Licensable value =  No

1: Generally Licensable indicates that all releases that are captured under the product has Licensable value = Yes

2: Some Releases are Licensable indicates releases that are captured under the product has mixed Licensable values  (some are Yes, some are No)



Note that we put the term ‘Generally’ there because the value is derived from the releases, and we don’t want an ‘exact’ licensable value on Product level (the way it is on Release level) because it’s possible that there are some releases that we don’t have the licensable value (yet), or any future releases that may have different licensable values from  previous/existing releases.


‘Is_Licensable’ is an attribute held at the Release level, and is recorded as either ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. 

  • When Is_Licensable = ‘Yes’, this should be interpreted by our customers that the Product Release requires a paid license or subscription, in order for the full functionality to be used, usually through a product key entry.  This includes Product Releases that have a free trial period after which payment or subscription is required to use the full feature functionality.


  • When Is_Licensable = ‘No’, this should be interpreted by our customers that the Product Release does not require specific payment or subscription, and this includes Product Releases that are Proprietary Freeware, Free Open Source Software (FOSS) and components of the main Software Product, even if that main Product is Licensable. 


  • On occasion when Is_Licensable = 'N/A', it means that the value does not exist, which might be due to research has not been done yet or research could not find the information about the licensability of the particular release


Note - ‘Is_Licensable’ is not meant to provide comprehensive Software License Optimization to Data Platform customers. The attribute is only intended to give general picture/overview of how the assets appear in the customers’ inventory. 

- How Technopedia comes to the conclusion for the value of 'yes' or 'no' 

When we research a product in order to identify if it ‘Is_Licensable’, we look for key words and phrases on the Manufacturers official website, such as:

  • Free Trial – Is_Licensable’ = Yes
  • Pricing - Is_Licensable’ = Yes
  • OSS (Open Source Software) - Is_Licensable’ = No


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