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Follow the steps below if a ServiceNow normalize job fails or cancels at the import to ServiceNow step and you want to resume the job.

note blue light.pngNote: The publish step must have completed successfully to use this process.

  1. Open the Windows Command Prompt as an administrator on the Data Platform server and change the directory to the BDNA\Data Platform\Bin\ folder.
  2. Run the below command to get the process ID of the ServiceNow task.
    NormalizeCMD.exe –viewprocess

You’ll see an output like this:
Process ID = 10001, Process Name = ACME-MD
Process ID = 10002, Process Name = ACME-IT

  1. Run the below command to re-run the import to ServiceNow step, where XXXXXX is the process ID.

NormalizeCMD.exe -Exporttoservicenow /Process_ID=XXXXXX

For example, if you want to reassume the job ACME-MD you’d run the following command: NormalizeCMD.exe -Exporttoservicenow /Process_ID=10002

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