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This KB article describes the steps on how to raise requests for Content Services.  Requests for data and content maintenance on the data Libraries are handled by the Content Support & Operations teams and involves (but is not limited to) the following activities:

  • Requests for the addition of new Vendors, Products and Versions not currently in the catalogue
  • Requests for maintenance of existing content following Vendor announcement of product changes, including divesture, merger or retirement
  • Requests for SKU/PURL maintenance including linking to Products in the catalogue
  • Maintenance of discovered application evidence and mapping to Product and Versions
  • Maintenance of market enriched data such as Lifecycle dates, Open-Source attributes, and Vulnerabilities, etc.


Requests for Content Services are made as follows:

  • Navigate to the Support Portal on the Community here
  • Select ‘Flexera Community’ if not already selected in the ‘Community’ picklist


  • Select ‘Content Requests’ from the ‘Product’ Picklist.  This applies to all customers irrespective if you are a FlexNet Manager, Technopedia, or IT Visibility customer



  • Select ‘Library’ from the ‘Version’ Picklist for which maintenance is required.  For example, Technopedia customers requiring Content Services for Product, Version and/or Evidence mapping would pick Technopedia.  FlexNet customers requiring similar would select ARL



  • Enter the requirements for Library maintenance in the ‘Description’ field


  • Severity will default to ‘Low’.  Increase the Severity as per the urgency of your request.  This will ensure that your requests will be addressed in the correct order compared to other requests for Content Services that you may have open


Note that for ‘Critical’ and ‘High’ severity requests we would like to understand more about the impact to your organization so that we can respond accordingly


  • If required, you may add up to 10 attachments into the ‘Drag and drop’ area.  We encourage customers to aggregate similar requests into one ask so as to reduce the administration overhead to tracking requests to closure



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Level 4

Can you share the SLA  for completing a request? Does it take a couple of day, week, or more time?

By Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

@MAFelder  Our goal is to process the Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 vendors where the install count is greater than 20. Any request with up to 500 entries will be processed in 30 days. However, we will communicate the expected date for any larger requests. 

Level 4

Awesome thank you for the information and for setting expectations!

Level 2

@aalfonso @wmahmood I raised a case with number  02481530 

how is it possible to access again my cases and monitor their progress ?

Flexera Alumni

Hello @jalexakis,

Welcome to the community!

To see all cases:

  1. Click on "Support"
  2. Select and Click on  "Case Portal"
  3. Click on the "Filter" button
  4. Check the "All Company Cases" checkbox
  5. Click on the "Apply Filters >" button 

For more information,  I recommend checking out this article

I have associated your user with the appropriate account and you should be able to access the Case Portal the next time you log in to the community.

Feel free to reach out if further assistance is required.

Best regards,


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