How to create a traces dump export using in Discover

How to create a traces dump export using in Discover


This article discusses wow to create a traces dump export using in Discover.


When working with Flexera technical support you may be asked for a traces dump file. The traces dump file contains information related to the scan data in the current schema and is used by Flexera technical support and Flexera engineering to troubleshoot discovery issues and to aid in the development of new fingerprints.


The following steps may be used to generate a new traces dump file:

  1. Login to the BDNA application server as the BDNA user
  2. Move to the bin directory in the BDNA installation:
    % cd $BDNA_HOME/bin
  3. Run the script
    % sh ./

The output from the script will be put into the directory $BDNA_HOME/inventory. The traces dump will be in a file named as follows:


Where YYYY_MM_DD is the current date and SCHEMA is the current schema. By example, a completed traces dump export might be named as follows:


Once the traces dump has been generated BDNA recommends taring up the logs folder and packaging the traces dump and the logs archive together as a set.

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