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normalization process field is missing in logs

Hi Team,

We are going to create a email alert  in splunk for whenever normalization, technopedia  job is failed. But in FDP server logs we cannot find the Normalization job name and technopedia job name which we are seeing in console.  Please guide us on this. I have attached sample logs and Console snip.

Note:- We can see the error message in log, only the normalization process field is missing in logs

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I do see errors from the normalization process in BDNA.log, please refer to the upper part of the screen shot. (The log snippet and the screen shot snippet that you attached do not overlap time wise, so you may want to double-check...)

For the Technopedia synchronization you will find the relevant log to be the updater.log file, please refer to the lower part of the screen shot.



Hi John,

yes, that error status we can see in the logs. but the normalization process which I have highlighted and attached field are not there in the logs. We need those field names to create a email alert from splunk side.

Nagalakshmi A



OK, so if it's specific keywords or wording in any of the logs that you're looking for that wouldn't be there irrespective of the logging level then please raise your needs through the ideas' portal 


By Level 7 Flexeran
Level 7 Flexeran

@Nagalakshmi the logs which you highlighted in the attached are from the NBF_JOB_PROCESS and NBF_FLOW_NODE tables in the BDNA database. You can track the Normalization process and Technopedia process against the two tables.