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SQL feature components


The data platform installer is looking for SQL server 2016 feature pack components. When I go to the official site to download the feature pack there are various components to select from. 

Is there a list anywhere of feature pack components required for the install?


Thank you, 

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I agree, it's not that well documented. However, the good news is that the installer will automatically download the required SQL Server 2016 feature pack components during the installation provided that the server has Internet access:


(I've highlighted the relevant components in above screen shots in case you do want to install them in advance or are installing on an "offline" server...)


Hi John, 

Thank you for the reply. 

this is an offline installation as the server does not have internet connectivity. I've installed both of those components now but the installer is still showing that SQL server 2016 feature components are still required. This was after a reboot as well. 


Any ideas on which component I might be missing? The documentation states a SQL native client component may be required but there doesn't appear to be one available for SQL server 2016.  I also see in your screenshots it wants a native 2016 server client but according to Microsoft documentation that does not exist. 


Installing - SQL Server Native Client | Microsoft Docs


I did highlight three components in my screen shots above, i.e. you'll see the Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Native Client also being downloaded and then installed in my second screen shot above.

It's this one in Microsoft's list:



By Level 7 Flexeran
Level 7 Flexeran


Here are prerequisite lists for sql 2016.

-- sqlncli.msi
-- ENU\x64\SQLSysClrTypes.msi
-- ReportViewer.msi
-- SharedManagementObjects.msi


You can download them from below -