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Normalize list of software in CSV

Think I already know the answer to this, but figured I'd give it a shot.  Is there a way to feed Data Platform with a spreadsheet containing Manufacturer, Product, and Version and see what can be normalized.  Thinking the answer is no, but we are basically trying to do a mashup with a customers approved product list which is greater then 5k entries.  Was trying to explore ways to match the product and version with the Technopedia SW Release ID without having to go line by line, but that may be the answer.  

Anyone else come up with creative ways to create mashups like this? This would be a one time effort as we are looking to have the customer add the Release ID when they approve requests.  

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By Level 7 Flexeran
Level 7 Flexeran

I have an idea, but haven't tested it, just for your reference.
You can run extractor.exe to generate a zip file with any data source you have now, then open AddRemove.csv, replace the data in the current AddRemove.csv with the data you want to test, and then create a new Normalize job (Select Other: Normalize Zip File) to normalize the new zip file.

If you need further assistance in creating a Mashup or a Zip data source for the list of the software for Normalize, Flexera Perforfessional Service Team can help, please feel free to file a support case.

Interesting.  I will test it out.  Thanks for the idea!