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Data Platform - Windows 10 Feature updates

Does data platform have compatibility information for hardware and software for individual OS feature updates (ie 1803, 1909 etc)?   

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HI Bracey,

Yes you should be able to create a report if you are looking for Windows compatibility on these feature update versions like 1803 and 1909 etc.

An example below:


Is this what you are looking for?




No.  I am looking to find a way to see if the software installed in our environment is compatible or not with the individual releases of Windows 10.  So if we want to go to version 1909 from 1803, what software is compatible/supported with 1909 and what is not, and if not, path to remediate.



Hi Bryan,

Thank you for clarifying. Windows 10 Compatibility Content Pack today handles this simply under the umbrella of 'Windows 10' (i.e. no separation between various service updates). This is an enhancement request which maybe considered in future by our product management/Content team.

Hope that answers your question.