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Custom Connector Attribute Matrix

I am creating a custom connector to bring in data  for a customer, and was wondering if there is a list of all the available attributes and how they appear in the database.  For example to match "SYS HDD RANGE" what would be the Data Platform column to populate in the database?  Thanks!

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I just ran a quick test with some SCCM data and AFAICS the data that is ending up to be reported on by the "SYS HDD RANGE" attribute gets imported into a table named 'BDNA<date-of-import><sequence-number>_LD' and ends up in a column named 'Size0' in the BDNA table ([dbo].[BDNA20210831001_LD].[Size0] in my quick test).


Now obviously my small test is SCCM specific, so you may have it stored elsewhere depending on your inventory source(s).


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