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Cognos Business Analytics AU vs PVU tracking

Hello all,

We currently have licenses for two different metrics (Authorized User and PVU), but for the same product.

That is Cognos Business Analytics Authorized User and Cognos Analytics for Non-Production Environment PVU.

Both these products use the same image file for installs. 

I would like to know from a tracking perspective how is this set up in FNMS to determine consumption between the two?



(2) Replies


I just tested the following license construction on some test inventory data that I had:


The prioritization seems to be working correctly on these two quite different license types (metrics), i.e. I just tested this to check that the Authorized User license is prioritized higher than the PVU license. I would then suggest that you use allocation (automated with a business adapter perhaps based on CMDB data) of non-production devices against the PVU license to force consumption against it for these devices:


Just an idea...



Thank you for the response. That looks like a good way to move forward. Appreciate the sharing of the idea.

Will look to setting it up in the same manner and see what the results are.