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Analyzer Report field for current version

Is there a field available in Analyzer that we can use to compare the current version of our Software to the latest version of Software as indicated by the vendor? 

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Hi kkribs,

If you are using one of the Normalize cubes, then you have the ability to see cross reference your installed versions to detect how many releases behind the current version each is – see the screencap for the fields you could use.  You should note though that the versions field is counting *all* product releases (all point releases) and not just major Market version releases.   Here’s an example of what that might look like:


Notice though, that the view above doesn't show Office releases newer than 2010 and that's because my normalize results did not contain any installations.

If however,  you are using one of the Technopedia cubes, then you don’t have access to your own normalize results, but you can then see the latest “Market Version” of any product release because Technopedia is giving you access to the global product catalog.  


@kkribs  following on from @MurrayPeters  response you can also use the 'SW Versions (Calc)' field.


'SW Versions (Calc)' field shows the number of versions between the particular version and the highest version of the product.

My example below shows Microsoft Office 2013 from my normalize results.



The SW Version (Calc) column shows the value 2 which means 2013 is 2 versions behind the latest version. 

If the 'SW Version (Calc)' shows the value 0 this indicates that this is the latest version.

If the 'SW Version (Calc)' shows the value -1 this indicates that no version information can be found.


The 'SW Version (Calc)' field basically does the following equation.

SW Max Versions (Calc) - SW Version Order (Calc) = SW Version (Calc)


Thanks to @MurrayPeters  for pointing this out in the first response.

Hope this helps.