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Analyze Sync process not finishing

I have an issue that the Analyse process takes more than an hour to complete.

During this process the the established remote connection between the Admin Console and User Console is idle.

The Firewall between the server's timeouts the idle connection after 1 hour (Best practise default setting), this stops the Admin Console receiving the completed message from User Console.

What can be done to prevent the remote connection becoming idle for more than an hour?

Admin and User Console use Server 2019

DB is on SQL Server 2016


(2) Replies


It's quite common for the Analyze process to take more than an hour to complete. You will have to reconfigure the firewall's idle timeout value between the application servers to allow for the duration of this process to complete as there's no communication between the applications during this time.


I raised a case and got a hotfix to resolve the issue.