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100% CPU load on SQL Server while "Calling Analyze to import data"

Hi @ll,

I have just added my first data source for normalization to the BDNA AC (SCCM database) and started the normalization process. Up to the step "Calling Analyze to import data" the process and all systems run without problems.

Now I have noticed that with the step "Calling Analyze to import data" the CPU load of our SQL Servers goes up to 100%. - This situation is now for around 1hr and the process is still running

There are now 27 process with status "RUNNING" with the query "BDNA_PUBLISH.dbo.NBI_NM_LOAD_SP;

Then 65 processes with the status "SUSPENDED" and the same query "BDNA_PUBLISH.dbo.NBI_NM_LOAD_SP;

I have a feeling this behavior isn't entirely normal, do I? Our SQL Server has the following specifications, which are covered by the requirements. (Small Environment: CPU: Xeon ES-2630 or similar, 2 cores; RAM 16GB)

CPU: E5-2630 @2.40GHz, 2 Sockets (Total 4 Cores) - it's a VM

RAM: 16 GB


Thanks and Best,



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