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User Account Best Practices: Email Addresses

User Account Best Practices: Email Addresses

With our more open community model, we have a more open approach to email address creation. As long a user enters a valid email address and can verify it, they can use that email account. That being said, there are some best practices to recommend when speaking with prospects, customers and partners:

  1. Use your company email address - doing so will help our system map you to your organization's support entitlements, if they have active contracts
  2. If you leave your company, update your email address so that your access to your new company's information is updated

From a support perspective, this approach does mean we may have more generic email addresses in the system (e.g.,, etc.) However, to have entitlement, this user would need to add account/maintenance to be matched to their SF account. If this becomes a larger issue, we can pull user reports periodically to identify the generic emails and reach out to the individuals with request for updates. If you feel this is needed, contact Amy, Katie & Vanessa at

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