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Troubleshooting User Access to Cases

Troubleshooting User Access to Cases

Our community is designed to be self-service for customers and partners. However, there may be times where additional assistance is needed. Follow these steps for initial troubleshooting.

  1. Open the Community and Salesforce (sign in to both)
  2. Look up the customer record in Salesforce
    1. Find the Lithium SSO Information panel. (if you do not have access to this view, submit a FreshService ticket) 
      1. Make note of the Lithium roles
      2. Look up the user in the community using the Lithium Username

Example SSO Info field


  1. Identify the issue and follow the appropriate steps:
  • Customer is signed in but doesn’t see the case links from Support dropdown
    • Check the roles: Does the user have the Customer:Active or Partner role in Lithium roles?
      • Yes – submit a ticket with Business Systems (FreshService)
      • No – check if the account the contact is associated with has Account Solution Type “Customer: Active” in any solution area or “Partner”. If the account doesn’t have these values, move the contact under a different account which has them (often it’s a duplicate account issue). User has to sign out/sign in for the new roles to be passed
    • Customer is signed in and see Case Links but the Open/Resolved views are empty:
      • Check their email records in the SF User Detail Screen and the SF contact record – are they the same?
        • Yes – submit a ticket with Business Systems (FreshService)
        • No – email and request the SF contact or SF User record email be updated to match. Request support confirm PLC access is still working after email change. 
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