How To: User Doesn't See Learning Center Content

How To: User Doesn't See Learning Center Content

Question: I can’t see content in the Learning Center that someone told me to look for

Probable Issue: Access to content in the Learning Center is controlled by  community sign-in and what role the user has (Customers, Partners, Staff and general users each have difference access levels.)

For support - confirm the user has the correct role in Salesforce. If they do, they need to sign out and sign back in so their account updates. 

For staff - Please confirm the user is signed in. If they still do not have access, contact so we can update their roles.

Response:  I'm sorry for the hurdles! Access to the learning center is updated based on your information in our database. Can you sign-out and sign-back in? This will resync your information and should update access. Please try and let me know if it works for you. 

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@smullins does this response look okay for staff to use if their customers and partners have issues?

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