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10 Tips for Voiceover & Screen Recording Success

10 Tips for Voiceover & Screen Recording Success

A video is a great way to clearly explain a solution to a problem a customer is having with a Flexera product. Even though you’re one person, you represent the company in the customer’s eyes. So do your best to be professional, empathetic and clear. This will do our brand a lot of good.

Important: Always use a sanitized Flexera environment before recording. This ensures we protect customer data. 

  1. Have a plan before you start. Think about how long it will take to explain the solution in the simplest way possible. Plan out recording the screen shots, even if it’s going to be one long recording.

  2. Write a script, or at least an outline, for what you plan to say. Keep it simple. Don’t give more information than is necessary to get the point across. A good guide to keep in mind: About 75 words equals about 30 seconds of speaking time at a normal pace.
  3. Start the script by introducing yourself. Then state the problem you’re going to solve in the video. Give the solution and when finished, be sure to thank the viewer for watching.

  4. Rehearse what you’re going to say until you’re comfortable with it.
  5. Sound quality is extremely important. Ambient noise recorded in a video can make it seem amateurish. Find a quiet place to record. Take your laptop to an empty part of the office or an empty room. The headset provided by Flexera is good for recording voiceover.

  6. Speak clearly and at a normal pace. Don’t rush.

  7. If you don’t like your recording, record the video again until you do. Your final recording shouldn't sound like it was your first try.

  8. Avoid insider speak or jargon.

  9. Assume that this is the first time the customer has run into a problem with the product. They might not be as familiar with every aspect of the product as you are.

  10. If possible, try to keep the video length 2 minutes and 30 seconds or less. Limit the scope of the problem you’re addressing and give just enough context. Avoid extraneous details or going off on tangents.



Microsoft Teams has a great recording feature. If you are seeking to do more robust projects with editing options, consider requesting a Camtasia license (budget required). 

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