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Flexera Community Release 9.23.21

9.23.21 was a significant release for the Flexera Community with a handful of new features, minor fixes, and behind-the-scenes changes. 


New Features

Case Open Changes: To better categorize support cases and get faster resolution, we've changed how you open possibilities with Flexera. When opening a case, you'll now be prompted to choose the Product and the Version / Solution area before submitting the case. Before this release, the Version / Solution area would default to the first option in the list, resulting in your case going to the wrong team and a delay in resolving your case.  




Search before Submitting: To offer you a faster resolution to your issue, we've introduced a new feature that will show you relevant search results across the community, product documentation, and more before submitting your case. When typing in the Case Summary field, you'll be presented with various search results relevant to your issue.   




Label Selector: We've updated the label selector to categorize your forum posts better and get you faster answers. It now appears on the right rail of your screen, allowing you to post within the Flexera Community. Moving the label selector to the right rail gives you better access to quickly select a label that is the most applicable to your post.  




Minor Changes

Error messages: We've cleaned up some of the error messages in the case open page, so they're easier to understand and resolve.