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Tips and Tricks for Searching in the Flexera Community

Tips and Tricks for Searching in the Flexera Community

The Flexera community search bar allows you to search for knowledge base articles, forum questions, product announcements, and much more. The community allows for advanced searching to enable you to find what you need. The Flexera community supports the following search operators and modifiers. 

Search Modifiers: 

  • Quotes to search for an "exact phrase".
  • The plus sign to search for +one +or +more +words.
  • The minus sign to -exclude -certain -words from your search.

Search Operators: 

  • Stemming
  • Boolean Operators 
  • Wildcards
The Flexera community is also web searchable. You can find out more about the specific operators below. The scope of your search can also be limited by product, and type of post. You can scope your search by using the various drop downs beneath the search bar. 
  • For example, if you are looking for Data Platform knowledge base articles, you use the Location dropdown to select Flexera Community > Data Platform > Data Platform knowledge base, to limit your search.

What is stemming?

Stemming enables a search engine to compare the roots of search terms to community content. For
example, if a user enters speakers as the query, the search engine reduces the word to its root
speak and returns all content containing the root such as speaking, speaker, and speaks.

What is a boolean operator?

Boolean operators are used in keyword searches to combine or exclude search terms. The Flexera community supports the basic boolean operators: 

  1. OR: The OR operator is used by default, meaning that if there is no Boolean operator, the OR
    operator is used. 
    • To search for articles and posts that contain either database migration or database upgrade use the query database migration database upgrade or database migration OR database upgrade.
    • You can use the symbol || in place of OR.
  2. AND: The AND operator matches documents where both terms exist in the text of a single
    • To search for articles and posts containing database migration and FlexNet Manager suite use the query database migration AND FlexNet Manager suite
    • The symbol && can be used in place of the word AND.

What is a wildcard search?

Wildcard searches are used as a placeholder for any sequence of characters or words. You can use
single character or multiple character wildcard searches within single terms (not within phrase

  1. To perform a single character wildcard search use the ? symbol. 
    • For example, to search for text or test you can use the search te?t.
  2. To perform a multiple character wildcard search use the * symbol.
    • For example, to search for test, tests or tester you can use the search test*.
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