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Welcome! Have any community related issues or questions? Please post here and a Revenera Community team member will get back to you shortly.

NOTE: If you have any product specific questions, please post them on the appropriate product forum. To do that, click on the product under 'Find My Product' section of the community homepage.

Community Help

Information about the case page

This information will assist you with getting the most out of the case by filling in the areas that you need.


Our online community has two branches for different sets of products. The selection defaults to the community you were on before opening a case.

If you don't see your product in the picklist, please select the alternative option in the Community drop-down.


To optimize case routing, please select your product in this dropdown.


There are 4 severity levels used to classify a case:

Severity 1 - Critical: Production use of the software is stopped or so severely impacted that authorized end users cannot reasonably use it. You must call-in by phone to notify our team, in addition to submitting the case.

Severity 2 - High: Use of the software can continue; however, productivity is significantly decreased.

Severity 3 - Medium: Major software documented features are unavailable, but a workaround is available, or less significant software documented features are unavailable with no reasonable workaround.

Severity 4 - Low: An issue that involves an inquiry regarding a routine technical issue; information requested on application capabilities, navigation, installation or configuration.

crash inside FlcCommDelete call?

0 0 81
Hi, I'm testing the flexnet_client-xt-c-x64-linux package with our product. I used functions from the "CapabilityRequest" example and build the code on Ubuntu 19.10.When it comes to license check out, the program always crashes at the FlcCommDelete c...
by jiezhu Flexera beginner

Client usage checker error

0 0 142
Hi all, it seems our FlexLM environment "client usage checker" functionality is erroring out. Does someone know where to find more information regarding this error? I checked the lmadmin log, but nothing useful there. Any ideas?
by ITSERVICES-PT Flexera beginner

Volume serial number

0 0 167
Hello, The VM (Factory Talk Historian/PI Database Server) is hosted on an HP BL460C Gen9/Gen10 Blade running VMWare ESXi 6.5. The VM files and disks are on a shared Datastore (VMFS 6) residing on an DELL/EMC Unity 450F. Then VM gets backed up daily ...
by upiotrek Flexera beginner

RESOLVED: Open New Case Window Down

0 0 164
Update 15 January at 1:53 pm CST: The issue has been resolved and the case portal is functioning. Thank you for your patience! We are experiencing issues with the open case window in our online support portal. Our team is actively working to trou...
by Community Manager KPBussey Community Manager

RMC on .zip file -> add my application on open with context.

0 0 214
Hi,I need to add [my application] on "open with" context menu while RMC on any zip file.But [my application] should not be a default program to open all zip files. it should only come in "open with" optionCould you please share the solution for this ...
by balaji_ayyanar Flexera beginner

Incorrect Versions

0 0 245
the product golang-tools is showing versions that are not on the release schedule:
by TS0047409 Pilgrim

RESOLVED: Community Sign-in Offline

0 0 159
UPDATE 6 November 2019 at 5:17 pm CST: The issue has been resolved and sign-in is functioning. Thank you for your patience! We are experiencing issues with Community Sign-in related to our Salesforce instance. Our team is actively working to troub...
by Community Manager KPBussey Community Manager

MAX licences per user

0 0 153
As a consumer of a licensed application, is it possible to apply a per user restriction against each user using the options file.We want to restrict the number of licences any single user can check out at any one time, but don't want to have to enter...
by matbradford Flexera beginner

Floating license -server setup

0 1 169
Setting up LMTOOLS service configurationsconfirms the license file is being readservices in Task manager shows Xilinx named service has stoppedeven though the server has started successfully on LMTOOLS, withiin a min the service stops, which is refle...
by sneha8 Flexera beginner

Flexera software

0 0 156
Hi Flexera Community,I'm pretty new to this community and have just started using Flexera recentlySo I wonder if Flexera could remove applications or not?For example there are some installs of application ABC in our environment (shopify ecommerce). ...
by jasondao Flexera beginner
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