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How to Get Started in the New Flexera Community

How to Get Started in the New Flexera Community

You have questions? We have answers! If you remember nothing else: 

1. We are in production. Anything published in the community,  community stays in the community!  

2. Do not invite customers to the community–yet. They will be invited on April 7. The community will go pubic on April 8.

3. We have two communities, with two separate URLs:

Buyer Community 

Supplier Community: 

4. Until we go live, the community is not accessible beyond a Flexera network. When prompted by a browser pop-up dialog for credentials enter:

  • Username: flexera
  • Password: B^wxzzxP9

5. This is soft launch. You will continue to see the UI evolve. Some links will work, some links won't. We ask for your patience as we are still busy moving in!

6. Do you have an idea to make this community better? Here's where you can share:

For the Buyer Community: Find the ideas board on the Flexeran Hub and post your ideas! 

For the Supplier Community: Join the Flexera Software Community channel under Team Supplier Division. 


If you are not on a Flexera network you will be prompted by abrowser pop-up dialog for credentials, enter:

  • Username: flexera
  • Password: B^wxzzxP9

Ask yourself: Do I have a Salesforce account? If the answer is yes, you will need your Salesforce log-in credentials. If you do not remember your credentials, keep reading.

Q. I have a Salesforce account. How can I access my community account?

A. Follow these instructions (see screenshot below😞

  1. Log into your Salesforce account
  2. Click on the blue dropdown located near the upper right-hand corner of your screen
  3. Select “Lithium”

You will automatically be sent to your community account. Bookmark this page to make it easily accessible.

Your community account and Salesforce accounts are connected. The same login credentials are used to log into each of these platforms.

  • If you update your username or password on either platform, it will update your login credentials on both platforms.
  • If you enter the community through Salesforce and need to access the Learning Center, you will need to enter your credentials again. This is due to single sign-on restrictions.
  • If you do not want this experience, you have these options:
    • You may enter through the community URLs listed above. However, you MUST USE your salesforce credentials, to sign in.Salesforce screenSalesforce screen
    • Or, you may access the Learning Center from Salesforce directly by selecting the Skilljar SSO application:

Q. I do not have a Salesforce account. How can I access my community account?

A. Please follow these steps:

  1. Visit
  2. If this is your first time visiting Community, select your preferred community (Flexera or Flexera Software)
  3. Click Sign in in the upper righthand corner
  4. Click Let’s go!
  5. Create an account using your Flexera email address (if the email address is already in use you will be prompted to try to Sign in instead or reset your password)
  6. If you need to reset your password, you will do that via an email to your Flexera email address.

Community Sign in screenCommunity Sign in screen

Q. I’m not sure which of the two options above apply to me.

A. Go to (or for supplier -, click Forgot password? in the Sign in screen and enter your Flexera email address. If you have an account, the system will send you a reset password email address. If you do not receive this email, create an account following the steps that are listed above in the I do not have a Salesforce account section.

Q. I have a Salesforce license, but do not remember my user credentials.

Follow the steps outlined in the answer above.

Q. Do I use my Flexera email address to register? How about customers? Do they use their professional email address to register?

A. In order to get an Employee badge, you must register with your Flexera email address. Customers are strongly encouraged to use their professional email address.

Q. What should I use as my username? Is there a convention to follow?

A. It’s up to you! By default, usernames are first initial last name (e.g., KBussey, etc.) but you can adjust to the style of username you prefer. Remember, your username will be your display name in community.

Q. I still cannot access. What do I do?

A. Please submit a case via FreshService.

Q. I now have access. What next?

A. Explore! You’ll see all of the forum posts from our past product forums (V-Bulletin), take a spin through those – can you respond to any? Are there any responses you want to give a kudo (by clicking the thumbs up button)? Over the next few weeks, check every day for:

  • Changes to the look and feel of the site – some of the links will not be working yet! We are evolving!
  • Blog posts
  • New discussion threads

Q. What is expected of me from now until public launch and beyond?

A. All employees are expected to register in the community. If you are in a customer-facing role, we would expect you to have a presence in the community no less than three times a week. It takes a community to build a community!


Q. What happens if someone visits our old community?

A. They will be redirected to our new community (it's called a domain redirect)

Q. How will customers get access? When will they learn about the community?

A. The communication cadence is as follows:

Any customer or partner who has logged into the old community since January 1, 2018 will receive an awareness email on April 4 informing them of a welcome email to come on April 7.

  1. This same group of customers will receive a welcome email from Salesforce on April 7.
  2. My customer did not receive a registration email on April 7th. What do I do?
  3. Please direct your customer to the appropriate URL (there are two communities, one for supplier and one for buyer) and ask them to complete the registration process. If they do not know their account number and/or product id (both found on the order confirmation), they will still have immediate access to the community, but will need to wait a bit for case management privileges. Their request automatically creates a case, if they’ve entered anything in either the Account ID or the Product ID field).

An exception– if we have an active contact record for them in Salesforce, the account ID/product ID is not needed to associate them to the correct account.

Q. Post-launch, what if a prospect registers and then a few weeks later, they become a customer? How is their community account updated?

A. This will all happen behind-the-scenes. Each time a user logs into the community, their Salesforce role is checked to determine the correct role to provide them (general, customer, partner, etc.).

Q. When should I register customers for the community? Prospects?

A. Let them self-register! The community is a great sales tool. Encourage them to register as soon as possible to see first-hand how Flexera's thought leaders (and legends!). When they become customers, their access will happen all behind the scenes (see the answer to the question above)


Q. Are there two separate communities?

A. Yes, there is a Buyer and a Supplier community.

Q. How much time should I spend in the community?

A. Once you are an internal member of the community, you will need to assess the frequency in which you should participate. Are you just checking things out? You may only need to log in once a week to respond to posts (or post yourself). Are you monitoring a discussion around a topic you posted? You may need to log in more frequently to address questions or concerns.

Flexera requests that all employees have an account but does not mandate all staff engage with our community. Participation can vary based on individual employee goals. Discuss your participation with your manager to ensure you balance your online activities with your other responsibilities. You should determine together how much time you spend each day on community participation.

There are some departments in which participation is part of day-to-day responsibilities. Please check with your manager to confirm. 

Q. What resources are there to learn about the community?

A. We have several! For Buyers employees please subscribe to Team Buyer Community. There are other resources too, check out the Flexeran Hub on the community!

Q. When will this be launched to customers?

A. April 8 –customers will receive welcome emails on April 7

Q. What resources will customers find in the community?

A. Case management, knowledge base articles, product-specific forums (discussion boards), product-blogs, product documentation, and access to many other Flexera resources (like the Learning Center and our Product and License Center).

Q. Where are all the blog posts?

A. We want to cadence out the content we have ready (and frankly, would like to save our best content for April 8!).

Q. I want to write a blog post! To whom do I contact?

A. Email and we’ll hook you up!

Q. Where can I find the community event calendar?

A. The current thought is that all events will be posted as blogs (and subsequent webinar recordings) in the all community blog, called Flexera Insights.

Q. If employees want to request content, improvements, or broken links, where do they go?

A. For the Buyer community, on the home page, we have a box labeled Flexeran Hub. In the Flexeran Hub, you’ll find an ideas board. For the Supplier community, there is a public channel “Flexera Software Community” under Team Supplier Division. Please post!

Q.If a non-Flexera user experiences an issue in the community what should they do?

A. Submit a case.

Q. Do different people see different things in the community?

A. Yes! We have four roles: General (user who is not a customer, but is registered), Customer (who has full access to all information and if they have an active maintenance contract can submit cases), Partners, and Employees.

Q. What kind of promotional videos will be available about the community?

A. We are creating a community overview and short tutorial videos, like how to submit a case. We are anticipating having these available on April 8.


Q. What will happen to the partner community?

A. The current Salesforce Partner community will be deprecated. Partners and customers will enjoy one community together.

Q. Will partners have a separate view/experience than customers?

A. Yes, partners will have access to the Partner Portal (Channeltivity) in the other resources tab. Note: they will need to separate log-in credentials to access this resource.

Q. How will partners be notified?

A. They will be included in our customer communication cadence.


Q. How do I get an employee community badge?

A. Register in the community with your Flexera email address. The system will recognize your new account, and you will automatically get a special employee badge.

Q. What does it mean if someone has a first responder badge on their account?

A. To gear up for our community launch, we have invited customers and partners who are either highly engaged in our current community or were nominated by a Flexeran to be a first responder. These individuals will be invited to participate in an invitation-only webinar series designed to walk through the different ways they can get involved in the community. It is our goal is to provide these individuals with tools to become our community All Stars. Ideally, they will be able to help other customers directly in the forums section of the community.

Q. Why is my username different than the one I had in our old community?

A. The system does not allow you to use your email address as your username. To account for this restriction, when these accounts were transferred into the new community, many were automatically adjusted to remove the email domain username. You can change your username by signing in to your community account and selecting the “My Profile” option which could be found in the upper right-hand corner of your screen.

Q. How can I (an employee) update my detailed account information?

A. You will need to sign in to your community account to update your account information. From there, select My Account found in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. You can update your user name (remember, you need to use your Flexera email address).

There is another option, My Profile. Here, you can update your avatar subscriptions, and more. Have fun and personalize your account. But remember that you’re representing Flexera when making any changes to your account.

Q. How can my customer updated detailed account information?

A. They will follow the same steps as outlined above. We also request customers, prospects, etc. use their professional email address. They are not able to update their organization; this field is locked. If a customer needs this to be updated, they should submit a case, requesting such.

Q What should I say online? What should I not say? 

A. At a very high level, don’t talk about financial information, sales trends, forecasts, and legal issues. Don’t give out personal information about customers or employees. Don’t discuss confidential or non-public information. Please do not respond to an offensive or negative post by a customer or speak negatively about Flexera. Do, respect your coworkers, customers, and the general public! 

Q. What if I say something wrong?
A. You won’t. But we understand responding publicly can cause worry. If you’re concerned, please reach out to the Community channel on Teams to discuss. We are all here to help you. If you do make a mistake, be upfront and quick to correct it. Our Community Management team can also edit the post for you, if needed. 
 Q. When I contribute in the community, am I talking as myself or talking on behalf of Flexera?
A. Unless you are one of a small number of people working in a role in Flexera that involves making announcements on the company's behalf, you are talking as yourself. However, as a Flexeran you are (of course!) always expected to represent Flexera competently and professionally.
Q. How should I respond to questions that arise from Flexera product bugs?
A. Be pragmatic and focus responses on how to live with or work around the product behavior as it is. That can be difficult, and it may be helpful to acknowledge the situation so the user does not wait too long. Use internal communications to follow up on questions which you think may be related to product bugs.
Q. What happens when I leave Flexera?
A. We want to acknowledge our alumni. If you wish to remain active, your Community account will stay active, and your badge will be updated to recognize you as a Flexera alumni. We will close your account if you leave the community. But your posts will remain visible.
Q. What if I see something that violates Flexera’s terms of service
A. Please reach out to immediately and, or choose "Report Inappropriate Content” by clicking the menu options (the 3 vertical dots).
Q. Can we seed questions in the community on our own and answer on our own?
A. Go for it! It’s a great resource to get immediate feedback!

Q. Who is responding to questions posed in the product forums?

A. We have a team of Community Ambassadors that will try and answer and respond within 24 hours. After 24 hours, we anticipate our support team to step in. This is our short term plan. Based on what we see post-launch, we may need to adjust.


Q. Where did the Salesforce Ideation functionality go?

A. The Salesforce Ideas board was deprecated along with the Salesforce (old community). Never fear, we are planning to launch ideation, within our new community, June 2019.

Q. When will ideation be available in the new community?

A. We anticipate the new Ideation functionality to launch June of 2019.


Good news! Learning Center access is single-sign-on (SSO) with the Flexera Community. Access to Learning Center content is based on whether or not the Community user is a customer, partner, employee, or visitor.


Q. How do I get access to the Learning Center?

A. Access to the Learning Center is provided via the Flexera Community. Every user of the Community will have access to the Learning Center.

Q. I can’t see content in the Learning Center that someone told me to look for?

A. Access to content in the Learning Center is controlled by your community sign-in. Please use your corporate email address so we can associate you with your company and provide the appropriate access. Once you sign in, you'll see the Learning Center, located on the Nav bar.

Q. I found the Learning Center, but I’m not sure about what to look at first!

A. The Learning Center is organized by solution area. Once you choose the solution area you are looking for, you should be able to view Learning Paths for each. If you are just starting out, we recommend you start with the first Learning Path (upper left) designated for each solution.

Q. I have a question about the Learning Center, whom do I contact?

A. You can email any questions regarding the Learning Center to

Q. What content is public? What content is specific to customers? Partners? Employees?

A. Here is a breakdown of the current content by role:

  • Public: Destination Demos, without any sort of registration.
  • Generic (users who have registered with the community, not customers. These users provide an email address through the registration process and are not associated with a partner or customer account): Basic content for each solution area
  • Customer: All of the above + the complete online course content for ALL solution areas
  • Partner: All of the above + partner specific content, like certification tracks
  • Employees: All of the above + additional employee specific content, like the SE Cloud Certification Track.

Q. I’m confused! What’s the difference between Learning Center/Documentation/Knowledge Base/Skilljar? Will they exist in future and what are the differentiators?

A. The answer is in three parts:

  • The Learning Center is hosted on a tool called SkillJar, however we should ALWAYS refer to this as the Learning Center and only refer to SkillJar when needing to perform administrative tasks on the underlying tool.
  • The Learning Center is primarily the online self-guided learning content containing learning paths, how-to videos, along with practice guides and additional resources related to self-guided learning such as downloadable example scripts.
  • Documentation and KBs (Knowledge Base articles) are separate repositories (within our new community) and contain additional documents and articles to help answer user questions. Links to appropriate documentation are provided from the Learning Center learning paths, and some documentation and KBs will also point back to related content in the Learning Center.


Q. Will there be anything fundamentally different about submitting cases in the new Community, where a customer would have a different (better) experience?

A. All active users associated with an active customer or partner account will be able to submit a case.

Q. In the new community, who can submit a case from an account?

A. Any user who is tied to an active partner or customer Salesforce account in any solution area that is active on an account can submit a case via the new Flexera Community.

Q. Can employees submit cases?

A. Yes and no. This functionality will not be immediately available during soft launch. We anticipate the ability for employees to submit cases on April 8.

Q. How can a customer view all cases associated with their company?

A. To allow a community user to view all cases for their organization, a checkbox on the Salesforce contact record has to be checked, “Is Supervisor” (RAYA – how do they do this and do they need special permissions) {RP 20190320) Support owns this, we can open to CSMs as well

Q. Will current technical contacts be able to submit cases on April 8?

A. Yes. After April 8, all active users, associated with an active partner or customer will be able to submit a case. The migration process is to allow all users, who are active, and associated with an active partner or customer, will be able to submit cases on April 8.

Q. Can a consultant from one organization (ABC Corp) be given rights to submit and view cases in relation to another organization (XYZ Corp) they are working with? How?

A. No, unless they’ve created the case. Users can see only cases created by them or cases for their organization if they’re given the supervisor role, explained above.

Q. The community is so awesome. What can I do to show my appreciation?

A. Post, post, post! Engage, engage, engage! Drive customers to this resource!

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Hi Amy@Flexera @KPBussey  

Thanks for today's team meeting. Was very interesting to see how the community will work and evolve going forward. I am new to Flexera and keen to get involved along with David Collins who has gave me a lot of support in dealing with clients. 

I am looking to get involved and maybe make the community part of my goals going forward in regards to being involved,gaining badges and posting etc so any thoughts you have on this and how I could help and link back to a goal would be very much appreciated. 



Well hey there @jcaza! Welcome to Flexera and thank you for your participation. See ya 'round the hood!

Wahoo! Looking forward to this, @jcaza

Thanks for this great information!
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