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Columbus Installationshandbuch

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Download the Installation Guide for these instructions. Table of Contents: 1 Installation 1.1 Voraussetzungen1.1.1 Accounts und Sourcen1.1.2 Konfiguration Virenscanner1.1.3 Verwendete Netzwerkports1.1.4 System Anforderungen1.1.5 Installationsdateien...
by Community Manager KPBussey Community Manager

How to prevent patches from being installed during OS Deploy

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SummaryThis article explains how to configure setting during OS Deploy so no patches are assigned and installed.SynopsisSometimes it is wanted that during OS Deploy no patches should be assigned and installed. DiscussionTo archive this behaviour pl...
by sfdcowner Wanderer

How to troubleshoot OTB connections in WinPE

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SummaryThis article provides steps to check whether the OTB connection does work or is nos using telnet or putty.SynopsisYou want to check whether the OTB connection does work or why it isn't working DiscussionAn easy way to check whether the OTB con...
by sfdcowner Wanderer

Troubleshoot Azure AD Connection Problems using PowerShell

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SummaryArticle discusses how to retrieve data from Microsoft Azure to troubleshoot AD connections.SynopsisYou are having troubles to retrieve data from Microsoft Azure and want to solve them DiscussionCheck if the required Azure AD module is instal...
by sfdcowner Wanderer