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Columbus 7.3.2 - Fix 102

Columbus 7.3.2 - Fix 102


This fix corrects the following problems found in Columbus version 7.3.2.


This fix corrects the following problems:

Fix 79:

  • Console: Console hangs on filter manipulations
  • SW Deploy: "swproc" action not excecuted
  • SW Deploy: problems with notifications / push messages
  • PXE: bwInfra task is killed upon TFTP request
  • OSD: WIM-scanning - Failure in specification (x64)
    see also AA-00753
  • Client: Out of memory in BWCleanupFileRenameOperations
  • Client: Access violation in bwStorage/IsFileProtected
  • TFTP: Problems with staging in slower networks
  • Console: Removing Software might not work
  • Client: Does not read full name for domain accounts (%UserFullName%)
  • Client: Hangs after OSDeploy when connecting Notification Service
  • Infrastructure: OTB connect / disconnect problems
  • Infrastructure: bwInfra stuck
  • Infrastructure: Notifications might be active although switched off
  • Infrastructure: Unable to deny software on client which assigned to an OU
  • Inventory: Last user is not reported properly
  • Infrastructure: Notification Problems
  • Client: Columbus Client Service does not start
  • Infrastructure: Importer does not import all Asset.Summary Items
  • Infrastructure: OTB Connection Problems
  • Console: Auditing shows wrong user


This fix must be applied only to Columbus version 7.3.2


  • bwInfra.exe (
  • cmc.exe (
  • ColISvc.exe (
  • Columbus.dll (
  • Columbus.exe (
  • NotificationSvc.exe (.
  • PDHCPServer.dll (
  • TFTPServer.dll (


  1. Download fix (MSI) - Contact Support for file
  2. Install the MSI on your Infrastructure Server
    - Services will be restarted by the setup
  3. Reboot if setup tells you so

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