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Bulk-remove older Windows 10 builds from OS Deployment [C7.5+]

Bulk-remove older Windows 10 builds from OS Deployment [C7.5+]


Can a person remove already assigned old OS images linked to individual hosts during PXE boot without having to go removing their assignments and templates host by host?


Yes, you can do this using these steps:

  • Note the OS Release GUID
  • On the server that Is holding that release, go to the Columbus shares.

There, underneath the folder OSDepot, a folder named with that GUID should be visible. You can:

  1. Either remove that folder, or ... 
  2. To be on the safe side, move this to another drive location not under the OSDepot folder (backup)
  • Do a refresh on the OS Depot agent for that server in Columbus.
  • This, the OS release should have been removed from Columbus.

After confirming that everything works as expected in Columbus after the removal, you are free to return to the locations where you backed up the GUID folders and remove these too from the local disk. 

NOTE: Before deleting any of the GUID folders permanently, however, we recommend testing extensively the OS assignment & management in Columbus to avoid unexpected side effects.

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