FlexNet Code Insight 2020 R1 is available!

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We are happy to announce the release of FlexNet Code Insight 2020 R1. This email includes highlights of the product releases, references to additional resources, and upcoming event information.

ENHANCED: Friction Free Flow

This release introduces several usability enhancements related to friction free flow.

  • With new configuration options, you can append or replace inventory notes like Notices Text, Usage Guidance, Remediation Notes and Audit Notes when performing a project Import.
  • The user has the choice not to automatically publish the inventory, if automated discovery has created an inventory with more than one license and further perform manual analysis.
  • The ability to view additional workflow information, such as current reviewer or status on the project inventory page when integrating with v6 Workflow system.
  • Also, the ability to do a full project rescan is now available.

ENHANCED: Automated Analysis

  • Support for NPM scanning has been enhanced with the support of additional manifest files like package-lock.json and npm-shrinkwrap.json.
  • A new option has been introduced in Scan Profile, to allow configuring the minimum source matches to be checked for, when scanning for Source Code Matches.
  • This release also extends automated discovery support to include Python packages.

ENHANCED: Manual Analysis

  • Manual analysis is made easier with the addition of license highlighting in the Partial Matches tab for source files.
  • This release also makes it easier to do copyright detection by expanding detection support to include the full copyright string along with year and copyright holder.

ENHANCED: Infrastructure

  • Enhancements to the FlexNet Code Insight infrastructure include the ability to integrate with your enterprise Splunk setup to monitor FlexNet Code Insight events.
  • We have also improved the reports framework to support custom report building and displaying only the most relevant data.

Other enhancements in the FlexNet Code Insight 2020 R1 include:

  • Improved inventory search which allows users to search by open tasks or task type.
  • New REST APIs that can get project information, get all scanned files, and the ability to update a project.

For more information about the release content above, please refer to the FlexNet Code Insight 2020 R1 Release Notes and Documentation.

Also, we will be sharing a FlexNet Code Insight 2020 R1 Release Overview video, where our Senior Technical Product Manager Venkat Ram Donga, will walk you through the new features available in this release.

This video will be available on the Flexera Learning Center on February 18th. Subscribe to FlexNet Code Insight News on the Flexera Community to be notified of its availability.

You download FlexNet Code Insight from the Flexera Product and License Center. This site requires PLC user access.

To access the Product and License Center, be sure to register for the Flexera Community and provide the Account ID and Product ID information included in the Order Confirmation email sent by Flexera. If you are unable to access the Product and License Center, or have not been granted access, please contact our Flexera Technical Support.