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Code Insight End-of-Life (EOL) Policy Update

Revenera Community Admin Revenera Community Admin
Revenera Community Admin
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We wanted to notify you of a change to the Code Insight End-of-Life (EOL) policy and offer guidance on its impact to you and your business.

Code Insight v6 is a stable release with minimal new features. It is reasonable to expect certain customers to want to remain on a version that works for them. For this reason, Code Insight v6 is on a 3 year standard cycle + 1 year limited cycle from the GA release. The last Code Insight GA release was 6.14.2 in November 2020. Going forward, the plan is to release two service packs per year.

Code Insight v7 is released quarterly and each release includes new features and critical bug fixes. To encourage customers to upgrade to the most recent and secure versions of the Code Insight, we are making the following changes for Code Insight v7:

  • We are eliminating the limited cycle, and reducing the standard cycle to 2 years
  • As a standard policy, bugs reported against past releases will be reproduced against the latest release and fixed in an upcoming release; no back-porting of functionality will be provided
  • Data updates will only be guaranteed for supported Code Insight releases
  • If the release cadence for Code Insight v7 changes in the future, we will revisit the EOL policy

What does it mean if my version of Code Insight is end-of-life (EOL)?

If you are on a version of Code Insight that is outside of the supported cycle as defined by (4 years past the GA release date for Code Insight v6 and 2 years past the GA release date for Code Insight v7), you have the following options:

Option 1: Do nothing and remain on the version you are on today

  • Your Code Insight product license entitles you to continue to use Code Insight until your license expires
  • There is a strong recommendation from Revenera, but no mandate to upgrade to the current release of Code Insight
  • The support team will no longer provide support or troubleshoot issues for the end-of-life Code Insight releases
  • The electronic data update is not tested against end-of-life versions of Code Insight; therefore, if there are unforeseen issues with the data updates, the support team will not troubleshoot these issues

Option 2: Upgrade to a more recent supported release of your version of Code Insight

  • Upgrading within the Code Insight version, such as v6 to v6 and v7 to v7 is fully supported
  • Contact the Technical Support team and they will be happy to assist you with this task

Option 3: Contact Revenera to discuss upgrading from Code Insight v6 to Code Insight v7

  • Code Insight v7 is our strategic vision, and will eventually be the only supported version of Code Insight
  • We are highly motivated to make the migration for our Code Insight v6 customers to Code Insight v7 as simple as possible
  • Right now upgrades from Code Insight v6 to Code Insight v7 are evaluated on a case-by-case basis
  • Please reach out to your CSM or Technical Support for more information and to assess whether this is the right time for your organization to move to Code Insight v7 based on your deployment details

We strive to deliver high quality products and appreciate our partnership with you. As always, we welcome your feedback. Please reach out to your Revenera contact or the Revenera Technical Support team if you have any questions or comments about these changes.