Code Insight 6.14.2 Now Available

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We are happy to announce the release of Code Insight 6.14.2. This release includes usability enhancements to our automatic discovery and public comments functionality, support for the Common Platform Enumeration (CPE) vendor and data, and additions to our list of supported platforms and APIs.

Here are the release highlights you can look forward to with this latest release:

Common Platform Enumeration (CPE) Support

The Code Insight data library (PDL) now stores the component’s Common Platform Enumeration (CPE) name and vendor and product name, as they are published in the National Vulnerabilities Database (NVD). Custom CPE names for components will continue to be supported. This CPE data allows Code Insight component and inventory to be searched by CPE vendor and product fields.

New REST APIs have been added and existing REST APIs updated to support the Common Platform Enumeration functionality.

Automatic Discovery and Scanning

An inventory item can now be created without a version in cases where Code Insight is unable to determine the OSS version or third-party dependency. Also, for PyPI packages, the direct dependency can be reported from the file, in cases where there is no requirements.txt file present.

Public Comments Emails

This release introduces a Manage Users List option, which gives users the ability to designate users or user lists as recipients of emails triggered by posted public comments. This offers more communication flexibility for those requiring steps outside the normal workflow.

Other API Enhancements

  • The Workflow REST API resource was updated to retrieve the user and comment posting information.
  • A new JAVA API was added to extract comment details for a specific request.

Platform Support

The Code Insight database is now supported on the RHEL 7.2 Enterprise and RHEL 8.2 Enterprise platforms.

For more details about the release features, please visit our Documentation site or Product and License Center to download the Code Insight 6.14.2 Release Notes. (NOTE: Access to the Product and License Center requires a Revenera Community login.)