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Third Party Notices, Report for Inventory 6.14, License Text Repeating

Currently using 6.14 and utilizing the Third Party Notices Report for Inventory.  When I produce the report, it's over 600 pages for just one product audit completed.  The components that require a Third-party notice for inventory if I have 20 components with Apache License 2.0, it prints the license text 20 times one time for each component.  Using the third party notice tab and clicking the yes button for products requiring the notice.  

How can this be shortened to not produce the license text for components utilizing the same license?

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Hi Lisa,

The Third Party Notices Report for Inventory is customizable and can be modified to report in this manner to remove license duplicates. You can work with our Services team to make the customizations, or receive training on how to modify it yourself. I will touch base with you offline.