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Notices Text Filed Behaviour

According to the Release Notes for FNCI 2019.R2 regarding the Notices and As-Found-License-Text fields:

  • "Any text in the Notices Text field is considered the final “notices” content for the inventory item and is included in the Notices report. Otherwise, if the Notices Text field is empty, Code Insight uses the contents of the As-Found License Text field as the “notices” text for the inventory item in the report. If  both fields are empty, the report uses the inventory item’s selected license text from the FlexNet Code Insight data library."

I added some text to the Notices field then generated a Notices Report.  The Notices text appears in the Notices Report, and the "As-Found-License-Text" is ignored in the printed report.

However, when I removed the Notices Text entered earlier in the field, and re-generated the Notices Report, I  no longer get the  original "As-Found-License-Text" field back.  My expectation was since I removed all the Notices Text, the "As-Found-License-Text" will be printed.

FYI, I'm running the core/scan and mysql 5.7 database on CentOS-7


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Hello @lpopescu 

Unfortunately, I couldn't reproduce the issue on a similar environment.

Attaching a short video on what exactly I did. Can you take a look and let me know if there is something different I'm doing and if there is any other expectation.


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Attaching a short video with the issue I'm seeing while using Firefox.

Our servers are on CentOS7 and mysql 5.7

I can duplicate the issue on  Firefox on the CentOS 7 core server as well as using Firefox Quantum 68.0 (64-bit) from windows.




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Hello @lpopescu 

Thanks for sharing additional details. I see the issue in Firefox.

Apologies for the inconvenience. I've raised a bug internally SCA-18379 which we hope to fix in the next release. If there are any changes to the plan, I'll keep you posted.