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GitHub Instances are Overwriting My Own Directory Structure.

I'm running FNCI 2019R2 on CentOS 7

I setup my Project under version control settings "Instance #1" to download and scan some source code from GitHub.  Under my project id #14 FNCI created git.0 sub-directory, downloaded all the code from our internal GitHub, and scanned it.   (OK so far.)

After the scan I setup a second scan path where I uploaded the files that usually go to our customers.

Now the Scan Paths look like this:

/tw-src/ccm-latest  (and contains the "Updates" subdirectory)

/tw-src/14    (contains the "git.0" subdirectory)


I started  a new scan and noticed the following behavior:

My "Updates" sub-directory that was under "/tw-src/ccm-latest" has been removed and a new git.0 was created.

/tw-src/14  still contains the old "git.0" sub-directory from last week.

Not sure if this is a bug or intended behavior, but I would have thought the git.0, git.1...etc... would have been created in /tw-src/14 and my directory path would have been left alone.

Could you please explain the "correct" behavior when there are multiple scan paths?


Including some of the images for clarification.



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Level 5

Including some of the images for clarification.

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