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Cloud Name Changes

What are the product names in Flexera One?

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Flexera is renaming our cloud products to make it easier for our customers and partners to understand the capabilities of Flexera One’s applications. We believe the new names will help you better communicate with your internal stakeholders about the...
by KPBussey Flexera Alumni

Why are you changing product names?

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Flexera wants our SaaS customers to subscribe to solutions with names that accurately reflect what they do and the value they provide. Over time, Flexera’s portfolio of solutions has expanded both organically and inorganically to align with new chal...
by KPBussey Flexera Alumni

When will this happen?

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Cloud customers will see the application names changes when you move to the new URLs for Flexera One (, or if you access FNMS today via a domain ending in .eu,
by KPBussey Flexera Alumni

Will on-premises Flexera products be renamed?

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Flexera’s on-premises product names will remain unchanged. These products include FNMS, FlexNet Manager for Engineering Applications (FNMEA), App Broker, Data Platform, AdminStudio and Software Vulnerability Manager. Flexera’s unwavering commitment ...
by KPBussey Flexera Alumni

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