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Removing Right link features from your environment.


This knowledge base will answer some common asked questions regarding wat happens when removing a cloud from RightScale.


The most common asked question is will disconnecting a cloud remove resources created in RightScale.

The answer is NO.

All resources such as instances that you can you access normally via your cloud provider will still exist after disconnecting them from your account.


Disabling the Right link Agent

Once you have removed your cloud account from RightScale you may wish to remove the Right link agent from your resources, the below doc can help you with this

Once the Rightlink agent has been removed the machine does not have to terminate for this to take effect and should not have an impact on production servers.

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To remove resources from RightScale, you can follow these general steps:   my account access

Log in to the RightScale Dashboard: Go to the RightScale website and log in to your account using your credentials.

Navigate to the appropriate Cloud Management Platform (CMP): RightScale supports multiple CMPs, such as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. Select the CMP that corresponds to the resources you want to remove.

Identify the resources: Use the RightScale Dashboard or the CMP's native interface to identify the resources you wish to remove. This can include instances, virtual machines, databases, storage volumes, or any other resources provisioned through RightScale.

Check dependencies and backup data: Before removing any resources, ensure that there are no dependencies on those resources. For example, if a database is being used by an application, make sure you have appropriate backups and a plan to handle the application's data.

Terminate or delete resources: Once you have confirmed that there are no dependencies or important data, you can proceed with terminating or deleting the resources. The specific steps may vary depending on the CMP being used.

For AWS: In the AWS Management Console, navigate to the respective service (EC2, RDS, S3, etc.), select the resource, and choose the option to terminate or delete it.

For Azure: In the Azure Portal, go to the respective service (Virtual Machines, Databases, Storage Accounts, etc.), select the resource, and choose the option to delete or remove it.

For Google Cloud: In the Google Cloud Console, navigate to the appropriate service (Compute Engine, Cloud SQL, Cloud Storage, etc.), select the resource, and choose the option to delete or terminate it.
Confirm the deletion: Depending on the CMP, you may be prompted to confirm the deletion. Make sure you review the details and confirm the removal.



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