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Raising a Cloud management platform and Self-service cases.


This knowledge base article will explain what information is needing when raising a case regarding CMP or SS.  Providing this information will allow for the Engineer taking your case to offer immediate support.

Account Number

Providing the account number that you are seeing your issue or question on will allow the Engineer to observe your specific account and find your issue.

You can find your account information by accessing Cloud management platform and selecting settings > accounts > info. On this page you will see the API HREF, this contains the account number that can be submitted with your case.

URL to the issue.

Once the account number has been provided the engineer can follow direct links to the issue if a URL is provided this includes links to both CMP and Self-service.

User information

 When raising a case, it is also good to provide the email address you use for accessing RightScale as this will allow us to check for any role issues you may have.

Phone number, sometimes the fastest way to solve an issue is to get on a call. If you provide your phone number an Engineer call you with an update.


Errors and the description of the issue.

A clear use case and description of the issue or question allows for the engineer to assist quickly. This includes any errors shown as well as what you were expecting to happen when the issue occurred.

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