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Flexera Alumni

We’ve been receiving some great feedback from you over the past few months about what kinds of policies would best help you manage your technology environment, and it’s been overwhelming listening to the wide variety of use cases where policies can help effect a positive business outcome. Last month, we published an assortment of policies covering many different use cases based on direct customer feedback. As you read through these and browse through all of our current policy content, I’m sure you’ll have new ideas for us, so please keep those ideas coming. You can reply directly to this blog post, contact your account manager, or hit me up directly.

Ensuring efficient use of cloud resources

Keeping cloud environments secure

  • Azure Publicly Accessible SQL Managed Instances checks for publicly accessibly managed SQL instances in Azure and provides the option to disable the public endpoint or delete the instance.
  • AWS Unencrypted S3 Buckets checks all S3 buckets in the AWS account and reports on any that do not have default encryption set, allowing the user to set encryption settings for the bucket or delete it after manual approval.

Managing user access

  • Okta Inactive Users identifies users who have not logged in within the specified number of days and optionally deactivates the users after approval.

New policy features coming soon

Keep your eyes out on the CMP Release Blog in the next couple of weeks for some exciting enhancements that will help you manage your policies across accounts and give you more control over automating remediation actions. Thanks to those of you that took time to meet with us to provide your feedback on these features.

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