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SaaS Policy for Salesforce

The New Okta Inactive Users policy is nice so it leads one of us to wonder about Salesforce SaaS. Is there anyone looking for an integration into Salesforce from a CMP perspective?


Published 4 months ago by

This policy will identify Okta users that have not logged in within a specified number of days and deactivate the users upon approval. See the README and to learn more.

Perhaps to cover some of the following:

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Hi! Our Product Manager is speaking with some teams to see how to best deliver this capability.
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Hey Michael - we currently have this on our backlog but don't have an ETA right now. We're also likely to see this functionality in our SaaS Manager product. If you're not familiar with that part of Flexera, I highly recommend you reach out to your CSM or account manager and get a briefing.

Thanks for the feedback.