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Preventing (explicitly) allocated costs from being allocated to nested billing centers

It may be little complex, but we a tag to allocate costs to a billing center, and then use accounts to allocate the left over costs.

There are instances where an account owning billing center is in a nested billing center under a tag owner. When costs are allocated, the entire amount associated with the account is being allocated to the nest billing center.

Conversely, if these billing centers were on the same level, allocation order or operations would have the costs associated with the costs being allocated to one billing center, and what is left over would be assigned to the account owner(s).

For our use case, in the first example, we want only the costs that aren't allocated to the tags to be allocated to the account allocation.

I can think of two workarounds. First, manipulate the data by having a higher billing center be the account owner (which would mean having different entities own the accounts in our org, a whole todo which may not be universally accepted or accurate). Second would be to create a nested billing center that represents what is assigned/allocated to it's parent, similar to how there is an auto-generated billing center that represents the unallocated costs for the parent. This, however, would result in three billing centers that represent the costs of one entity, which would not be intuitive or user friendly.

Do you guys have any suggestions. We can't be the first group to run in to the situation or requirement.

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I've bounced your question off with internal SME's and they gave me the feedback that as we interpret your question it isn't possible, i.e. that if the costs aren't part of the tagged billing center those costs would be on a child billing center of tagged billing center isn't a possible scenario.

Please don't hesitate to clarify your scenario (eventually with a small diagram) if you think we've misunderstood it.