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Please help create dynamic parameter in "More Actions" menu


I need help to create an additional action for the CloudApp.
That action has multiple parameters.
Im struggling to make a dynamic content of one of those parameters.
The same function with a parameter works fine with launch operation but it`s simply not executed with the additional action.
How can I achieve that?

my CAT:

parameter "param_stack_items" do
type "string"
label "List of applications"
description "json:{\"definition\":\"getUserDeployments\", \"description\": \"Select application to backup from the list.\"}"
operations "backup", "launch"


operation "launch" do
description "Launch the server via Jenkins"
definition "launchVM"

operation "backup" do
label "backupVM"
description "Perform off-line file system backup (/dr01 only)"
definition "backupVM"

define launchVM($param_stack_items) do
task_label("Launching the VM..")

define backupVM($param_stack_items) do

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I asked around internally and got the following response from one of the SME's:

Dynamic Parameters was a "labs" feature back in RightScale era, and most likely not something that is officially supported today.
With that said, I believe Dynamic Parameters are not possible after the Cloud App has been launched [i.e. when More Actions is available]. It's only usable during the Launch Cloud Application flow.