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Have an idea for changing Cloud Management Platform? The product team wants to hear it

Flexera Alumni (Retired)
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You can help shape Flexera's future by sharing ideas for improving Cloud Management Platform. We know you work with this product, probably every day. You not only see how well it works now, but you also have ideas for making it better.   

Your feedback is essential to informing product decisions and shaping how Cloud Management Platform and other Flexera solutions will evolve.  The Ideas board is gone. But don’t worry. Ideas you submitted to the Idea board are not lost. And a new spot for collecting ideas will find a permanent place on the Flexera Community in June.  

In the meantime, we still want to hear your suggestions.    

The comments below this article are your spot to offer ideas. Flexera’s product team will regularly review the ideas you post.  The product team is primarily watching for ideas that gain traction among members of the community.  That’s why it’s important for you to both leave your ideas but also support other excellent product ideas you see.   

How it works:    

  1. You’ll need to register with and log in to the community. Click “Sign In” in the upper right-hand corner. If you don’t have an account, create one by clicking “Let’s go!’ on the sign in page. Or log in if you already are registered.   
  2. Check if your suggestion already is posted in the comments below. If it is, click the thumbs up to give it a kudo. More likes will increase the visibility and help us prioritize.   
  3. Submit your idea for a product change, if it isn’t there.   

One more thing: You don’t need to mention bug fixes or other issues that Flexera’s Support team could handle.  

You can open a support case by clicking on “Get Support” drop-down menu at the top of the page if you have a maintenance plan.   

Thank you for your help. 

Product Operations Manager United Kingdom