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Test email returns error

0 1 11
Has anyone experienced issues with using the Test Email function under Settings - Email? We are experiencing errors in both our development and production server even though emails are going out. The parameter 'addresses' cannot be an empty string. P...
by TeriStevenson Occasional contributor

Custom User Sync SQL Query

0 2 15
Does anyone have any examples of what they have used to limit the users that are returned?
by goody612 Active participant

Prompt for approval based on targeted computer's OU

0 1 28
Hello!At our agency, we use App Portal... strangely. We have about 15 people that can request software for the entire agency of 2000+ machines. I notice that a lot of the approval/workflow settings are based on a company that lets a large number of p...
by giggsteve8 Flexera beginner

Is App Portal 2015 R2 supported on SCCM CB 1902?

0 3 71
We are currently on ConfigMgr CB 1810 and are planning to upgrade to 1902 this coming weekend. We are still running App Portal 2015 R2. Is this still supported with ConfigMgr 1902? I know it is old but the upgrades of this product scare me... been b...
by greg_deguire Pilgrim

App Protal /App Broker and SCCM Deployments

0 2 152
When discussing workflow layouts with customer it was brought up if they could just add users to an AD group instead of configuring a SCCM package install. Than let SCCM handle if user is in the AD group and user does not have the application, kick t...
by PBolles Flexera beginner