App Broker Cloud UI is now available as a SaaS offering!

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Flexera continues to innovate to help customers solve critical challenges. This is especially important now as organizations must work fast to respond to rapid changes in their business needs. Our latest App Broker release is proof of our effort to provide our customers with the capabilities they need to transform their business. This is why Flexera’s App Broker solution is now in the cloud!

App Broker’s Cloud / SaaS platform comes with the following benefits for our customers:

  • Reduced cost of ownership
  • No infrastructure to maintain (Only a small proxy client onsite)
  • Auto upgrade and always on the latest version (No more planning for upgrades)

Flexera has added functionality and capabilities to meet customer demand. Customers will now enjoy a modern look and feel while enjoying critical cost savings that help their bottom line.

Our latest App Broker release now includes:

  • Modern end-user interface
  • Ability to leverage Technopedia catalog details
  • Integrates with FlexNet Manager (FNMS) to perform license check and reservation
  • Integrates with SCCM
  • Rich set of Rest API enabling automation of business processes
  • Provides out of box support for SSO and role-based user management

The release notes for this initial release can be found HERE.

Some screenshots:


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