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How to bypass the Flexera Gateway

2 1 418
Summary: Bypassing the Flexera gateway can make the intergration between App Broker and FNMS simpler on occasstion Synopsis: This article will explain how to bypass the gateway and reasons not to bypass the gateway Discussion: As stated earlier the...
by Level 4 Flexeran dpiarowski Level 4 Flexeran

Unable to Access App Portal Admin Site with Any User Account

1 2 1588
Summary If administrator access to the admin site has been lost, for whatever reason, it is possible to set admin permissions back to the default settings. Symptoms If the message "You do not have access to this area" is displayed when trying to acce...
by Level 11 Flexeran CharlesW Level 11 Flexeran

How To Invoke An AppPortal API With Powershell

0 0 962
Summary Api's such as those found at: http:///esd/api.asmx can be executed from Powershell. Synopsis This article discusses how to invoke an AppPortal API with Powershell. Discussion Api's such as those found at: http://<AppPortal Server>/esd/api.asm...
by Level 6 Flexeran ayung_2831 Level 6 Flexeran

Special characters in category name

0 0 413
If a category name has special characters such as "/", ",", App Portal splits the category name with these special characters so unexpected extra category will be created. As a workaround: 1. please don't use special characters while creating a cate...
by fnishikado Flexera Alumni

Reassign Approvals

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Symptoms: When user A reassigns a approval task for a certain request to another user B, user A may do not get any notification whether it's successful or if there's an error. However, when user A refreshes the page and checks the request, the appro...
by fnishikado Flexera Alumni

Find Cost of Catalog

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There are 3 different ways to get the cost in App Portal. Catalog Cost -> The cost is updated in wd_webpackages table. Inventory group Cost (SCCM "legacy" Inventory)-> The cost is calculated from WD_License table (This is the cost get saved once yo...
by fnishikado Flexera Alumni