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Unable to Successfully Register Intune with App Broker

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Symptoms: After entering the Intune settings in App Broker, the error is displayed upon selecting the Test button: "Failed to communicate with Intune. Please verify the configuration settings and make sure minimum permission is provided. In addit...
by Level 11 Flexeran CharlesW Level 11 Flexeran

How to bypass the Flexera Gateway

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Summary: Bypassing the Flexera gateway can make the intergration between App Broker and FNMS simpler on occasstion Synopsis: This article will explain how to bypass the gateway and reasons not to bypass the gateway Discussion: As stated earlier the...
by Level 4 Flexeran dpiarowski Level 4 Flexeran

App Portal / App Broker Feature Matrix

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See the PDF in the Attachments section below for a feature matrix of App Portal / App Broker. The matrix lists features and the deployment technologies and ITSM systems that those features support. To view release notes, see the following: App Portal / App Broker 2019 R1 Release Notes...
by Technical Writer GregBirk Technical Writer