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Long running script commands (which take more than 60 seconds to complete) do not run to completion.


If a script command takes more than 60 seconds to run, the command process is terminated by App Portal and does not run to completion. The request log for the request will contain an entry similar to the following:

Invoking command powershell.exe with args: " & '<Install Dir>\App Portal\Web\Uploads\Commands\ScriptName.ps1'"
Warning: Command <Install Dir>\App Portal\Web\Uploads\Commands\ScriptName.ps1 has not completed. Killed process.


When invoking a command, App Portal sets an internal timer to 60 seconds. After the 60 seconds has elapsed, the command process is terminated.


Currently, this 60 second timeout is not configurable through the user interface. Feature enhancement IOJ-1756704 has been created which requests that the timeout be configurable via the user interface.


To workaround this limitation, the timeout can be set directly in the DB.. There is a "timeout" column in the WD_ClientCommands table which can be set for each command.. This is set by default to "60000" ms, which would correspond to the 60s timeout. This value can be changed manually in the DB to increase the timeout to the desired value.

Additional Information

For additional information on defining a Script Command, please see Script Commands in the the App Portal Administration Guide
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