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A discussion on variables that can impact the time it takes for an application to be delivered with Self Service.


This article discusses how long it takes for an application to be delivered with App Portal.


There are a couple of items to consider to understand how long it takes for an Application to be installed on a client system, once a request has been submitted within App Portal;

  • Once the request is submitted and approved, a timer called "Check for new insert collection job" has an effect on how often App Portal would check for assets that need to be inserted to the SCCM collections. This timer is set by default to 2 minutes. The request status ?Pending Deployment? means a collection insert is still pending.
  • After a successful insert, App Portal then checks to see if it needs to refresh the policy on the machine so that the install can begin. This timer is called "Frequency to check for a new policy refresh jobs" and is set by default to 2 minutes. The request status at this time is usually ?Waiting on Status? until SCCM reports a status.
  • Another timer called "Delay between policy refresh and collection insert? can be set to add a delay between inserting the asset to the collection and refreshing the client policy. This timer is especially important in a CAS environment where replication delays might cause the client policy not be to refreshed. By default this timer is set to 2 minutes.
  • Once the client policy is refreshed, the Software should download and install
    • Size, bandwidth and network health need be considered here
  • App Portal then monitors for status messages that SCCM reports and based on the timer "Frequency to update last status state" which is set by default to 5 minutes.

Lastly, keep in mind that App Portal orchestrates the process, while SCCM does the actually delivery and reporting. As such, the speed at which a request is processed depends on the time it takes for SCCM to report the status back to App Portal..

On average for a small application request, a minimum 5 minute turn around can be expected.

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