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App Portal HotFix

App Portal HotFix


This article provides information on the fixes included in App Portal (App Portal 2013 R2 Hotfix B)


This article provides information on the fixes included in App Portal (App Portal 2013 R2 Hotfix B) version.


App Portal version includes the following fixes:

App Portal 2013 R2 Hot Fix B
  • IOA-000084558 Reverse DNS does not work in 7.5.5.x
  • IOA-000082548 ##ORDER_NO## does not resolve in "request for approval" notification
  • IOA-000082836 Cloned request not inserting into install collections when machine name is typed in lowercase
  • IOA-000080126 Certain variables not being resolved in notifications:
  • IOA-000084482 Unable to cast object error when expanding a group order
  • IOA-000084246 Can no longer filter requests according to Install Status
  • IOA-000083444 ##RequestID## is a variable in a scripted command works and equivalent ##Order_No## variable does not work
  • IOA-000084023 Requester information incorrect on some reports
  • IOA-000084726 Execute Reader: CommandText property has not initialized is received when user clicks on an order that is part of group catalog
  • IOA-000084835 After saving workflow group based on SCCM collections, collections are not displayed after saving
  • IOA-000079785 Deployment settings of applications do not pass over to SCCM
  • IOA-000082769 Apply to OU and child OUs will not stay checked on
  • IOA-000080504 Question Manager - lost the ability to set defaults for questions
  • IOA-000085139 Apostrophe in catalog item name creates deployments with advertid -1
  • IOA-000084838 Collection Variables and Computer variables button does not work in SCCM 2007
  • IOA-000085006 License cost not displayed during checkout if locale is different from en-US
  • Approve/Reject tab throws server Error as 'lblRequester' were found. FindControl requires that controls have unique IDs.
  • When SCCM 2007 is configured to use central site for deployment, during Checkout App Portal still validates if the package exists in the client's site and display a warning message
  • App Portal now syncs collection memberships from both SCCM 2012 and SCCM 2007 uses it to check for evaluating conditions that use collection membership
  • IOA-000084911 Deselecting the Create DDR option in settings displays a blank page when an end-user logs in
  • IOA-000123875 Deployment status is not updated correctly under My Requests in SCCM 2012 App Model deployments when application has multiple deployment types and each of them has different requirement conditions set
  • Added support to show Imported Users/Computers/User Computer Relationships. This is available in Admin->Site Settings
  • Added support to allow selecting collections from both SCCM 2007 and SCCM 2012 in standard conditions
  • Fixed a performance issue during logon where synching a single user and device was taking a long time in some cases
  • Fixed an issue where the lease duration could not extended beyond 1 day
  • In SCCM 2007 when submitting OSD request, computer variables written to the device does not honor the install sequence

App Portal 2013 R2 Hot Fix A
  • OSD request does not populate computer variables for applications that needs to be migrated
  • Added support for using SSL when configuring SMTP email
  • Correctly enabling/disabling the Leasing option based on whether or not the uninstall program is available in added deployment types in the catalog item
  • Correctly selecting only the CAS server when adding a SCCM 2012 Application/Package to an existing catalog item

Additional Information

If you are experiencing similar issues in your environment, please contact support to obtain this hotfix version

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